Pleading for justice for Mary Berry 

Injustice involving a horrific accident.

If anybody is wondering why I am turning to the police, and claiming this case is fraudulent.

The 1st solicitor we had, never knew the meaning of CPR rules, took 3 to 4 months to answer our letters, never saw the plaintiff till 8 months after the accident. The Law Society said that they could no longer be involved, the next step for us to take is to sue the solicitor for professional negligence, could you imagine a person that badly injured have to start a 2nd case suing her solicitor for professional negligence. To obtain is bundled of files the firm wanted 15,000 but we had to pay £5000 +VAT.

My opinion of the 1st solicitor, a child that has been given a sweet shop for Christmas.

Our 2nd solicitor, failed to turn up at the hearing, had the case dismissed.

I went to the health and safety officer for Waltham Forest to obtain their report, our solicitor phoned me after hours to say that I could not have the report because Costco’s had accepted liability, this is our 1st solicitor the only job that he had done that took such speed, after visiting the health and safety Department that evening.

So you see within the 1st month I manage to have the firm except liability, only for the 2nd solicitor to have the case thrown out of court.

I had to approach the Law Society to have the firm obtain a barrister to get the case reinstated because liability had already been obtain.

A huge Law firm opposite London Bridge Station, called Anthony Gold would only take the case on if we sue the previous Solicitor for professional negligence and get our compensation that way, of course we refuse.

After several attempts to get another Solicitor we finally got our final one, with time totally run out.

My opinion on the 2nd solicitor, the case was conducted by his superiors who ran the firm, the firm was totally lacking in empathy, the solicitor only had 2 years experience and he was dealing with a brain injury case. Rootless, prepared to take the fall on behalf of Costco’s.

The 3rd firm, I thought I had finally found a fully experience Solicitor with experience of brain injury, she heard our case I presented her all the documents I had filed so far. She also obtains the bundle from the 2nd Solicitor. I cannot remember of hand how much it was but considerably less. I realize this is our last chance, the time has run out.

Happy to know that I had obtained a solicitor that understood brain injury, I could finally relax. She call me later and said she was extremely busy her partner would run the case while she was way, but finally it was apparent that she had given the case to another partner that specialize in mesothelioma asbestos disease, well I find myself totally trapped I cannot get another solicitor because my time is up, that means my 3 years it is over. I have to accept the consequences.

The 3rd solicitor knew that I keep all copies provided by the firm, letters and e-mails, so this Solicitor hardly sent us any letters or e-mail, he made us go to his office whenever he needed to discuss anything.

What the previous solicitors fail to do, He never obtain the required rehabilitation my wife required his expert witness promised to help my wife and said he could definitely help her, but he never followed it through.

He never knew the meaning of fiduciary duties, never followed my instructions. He decided to call in an official Solicitor to take over our place and ended the case.

Not exactly the type of plumber you would like in your home. Recommended job, dictator.

My opinion on this Solicitor, extremely heartless, only suitable to work for the SS, would be handy if Hitler was still around, extremely devious.

Barrister he employed. Well talking about birds of the same feather flock together.



Sat 24 May 2014  08: 18

I cannot believe that it has been over 12 years since my wives’ accident at Costco’s,
Well it has been a nightmare all the way, as for applying for a guardianship order and being involved with the court of protection from what I heard they are a bunch of crooks.
Some of the families involve got in touch with me because I made a video about my wives accident on YouTube and told me if I got involve with them they could take my wife away and put her in a home, after listening to some of the stories they seemed to be quite nice and genuine people so I made a video for them. my wife at the time wasn’t as bad as she is now. apparently it’s all to do with the money because my wife was due for compensation they want her to be put in a home so they can get to the money our corrupted Solicitor brought in an official Solicitor to take my wives position and ended the case agreeing to what offer was decided amongst themselves, hoping that I would have to apply for help and then they could take her into the Court of protection and probably put her in a home.
Well there is no way they are taking control of my wife so they can get there hands on the money, the court still has her compensation there is no way I am allowing her to go in a home I realize eventually I would have to put her in a Hospice, and they will probably keep her compensation and the cost of me closing my business and taking care of her, I guess all that money will suddenly disappear, I believe it was supposed to be £650,000.
Well you could imagine in one second my live totally changed on top of that a nightmare with the legal and judicial system.


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All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing....(Edmund Burke)
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23 Responses to Pleading for justice. (1)

  1. Monique says:

    Hitler is still around, the Judges, the Courts, social workers, the government. My exact statement when I wrote to the Queen for help (reply was no hope!). I wrote to PM, he passed matters over to another department, who sent me jargon letter, like cut and paste from a law Manuel.

    Try them, for some reason I saved this firm in “favorites” tool bar; to may be if I need them in the future. You say you are out of time, your new solicitor should have informed the courts asking for adjournment/ extension even if its after this period.

    There are also Direct Access Barristers you can appoint.

    I know you must be deeply hurt by your wife’s condition and all that solicitors’ see is pound signs.

    I am deeply wounded myself at present. I don’t know what else to add.

    • colinberry2 says:

      Thanks for the communication Monique.

      • colinberry2 says:

        Clayton, well your statement, “future treatment is not expected to result in improvement. This must be challenged.” A very logical statement from someone who cares about their plaintive. 

The minute my wife was dropped off by air ambulance to the hospital it seemed to me a structure had already been established, a determination that my wives case file should have a heading printed over it, “future treatment is not expected to result in improvement”, well we were not so lucky to have someone like yourself to challenge it, our lawyer at the time never even bothered to see the plaintiff eight months after the accident, all communications was achieved through emails and the occasional letter, pathetic man, now when I look back at it, to think that washing machines fell from the height of 30 feet and hits my wife, a bonafide member of the Law Society, does not see any logic in viewing for himself the damage done. 

I should also mention at the same time a police officer drove me to the hospital and kept me company I could not stop trembling believing that my wife could die at any minute she had blood streaming out of her mouth after the accident. He mention I would look into this matter if I was you, considering how severe the injuries are your wife case has only been given a CAD number. 

The following day a police officer in charge phone me to say how sorry he was to hear of my wives accident, especially when he found out that the washing machines eight of them was overhanging the pellets.

    • colinberry2 says:

      The most hurtful thing is that everyone have got paid except the victim of a horrific accident destroying her life totally, and of course including mine. Mary is expected to live on nothing since her accident, where is the logic in that.

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  3. Richard says:

    Would you email me Leonard Lawrence Yvonne has me details

  4. be happy says:

    O allah help her …. O allah be with her
    i hope to be good inshallah
    allah is capable to do everything
    you just need to ask allah
    read coran many times beside her
    if she can speak tell her to say la hawla wala quwwata illa billah
    may allah help you and reward you for all this patient
    and give her healing

  5. colinberry2 says:

    Can we trust Solicitors & Ins. Co. with our private info

  6. Frankenstein Costco Foot says:

    I got hurt at Costco too! They deleted the video footage! I posted a few messages to you which were deleted. Cashier said in deposition “They came to my house”. New laws have to be made! If you delete the video footage, YOU ARE GUILTY!!!! It saddens me that they can get away with this!!!! Praying for Mary! Praying for you both to be strong. Fighting for justice!!!

    • colinberry2 says:

      Well if you were in our position you would understand, there is nothing that these people cannot do, you have to remember we have given all of our powers to them no matter which way you turn you cannot escape them, they are consultants your doctor your pharmacies, as far as the legal and judicial system goes, they are it, they rip us off and send their children to the best universities in the world we have given them all the powers they need to undermine us. The only people in the world today who can escape their grips are the people who are willing to give up their lives, and destroy everything around them, and you know who that is today.

  7. colinberry2 says:

    Well since the deputy official Solicitor have removed her account on LinkedIn, her name is “May Maughan”

    • Frankenstein Costco Foot says:

      Colin Hi, I got hurt at Costco here in the US. Nothing like what you are going through. I’m writing a book about how badly I was treated. But I want to add others that have been injured as well. I ask the same as you, WHY WOULD A BIG COMPANY TREAT ITS COUSTOMERS SO HORRIBLE AFTER THEY ARE INJURED BY A MANAGER LIKE I WAS OR LIKE YOU AND YOUR WIFE WERE BY THE WASHING MACHINES. HAVE YOU WRITTEN A BOOK YET? It is amazing to me that they try to cover up these injuries! I think the public needs to know. Zois Johnston is the Claims and Litigation in Issazuah, Washington. He told me that I wasn’t shopping with a friend when I got hit by the FLAT BED CART THAT THE MANAGER WAS PUSHING WHEN SHE PARKED IT ON MY FOOT AND THAT I WOULD NEVER PROVE IT. JILL LEATHERS ALSO SAID I WAS WEARING THE WRONG SHOES WHEN THE MANAGER HIT ME. I WAS WEARING GYM SHOES. KEEP FIGHTING FOR JUSTICE!!! Let me know if you want to be in my book? Maybe we should both write books. Take Care and I’m praying for both of you to stay strong! Judy

      • colinberry2 says:

        Hi Judy, I’m sorry to hear about your injury, I never knew that you have to wear special safety shoes to go shopping at Costco’s, just be careful with the dilemma you are in, I don’t know how corrupt it is over there in the US, but over here it is extremely dangerous you cannot trust anybody to help you through the nightmare you find yourself in, everybody seems to be in the pockets of Costco.
        I am sure they are trying to get rid of the both of us, believe me they have the capability to do so, it is very dangerous when you playing with people that believe they have the power to undermine whatever situation they come across, they are totally lacking in empathy for the victim no matter whatever horrific situation they are in, their only aim is to cover up everything they can that implicates Costco, the most horrible thing is that you own counsel is on their side protecting them and working against you totally failing to make sure that the correct rehabilitation is acquired for the claimants safety.
        Judy you are free to use us in your book if you want to. I wouldn’t know who you would sell it to, to me they all seem to have more care and sympathy for Costco’s then for us, it reminds me of what Mary’s doctor said, it would be different if you died. I wonder, no one here to pick up on all those lies.

      • Frankenstein Costco Foot says:

        Hi! How is Mary doing? We have both been though too much. No one understands how horrible they are. I will keep telling everyone like you did. People need to know. I think they need a sign out side of the store that says: WE DELETE THE SURVEILLANCE VIDEO IF YOU GET HURT! Shop at your own risk! Sending Hugs to both of you. Hang in there! Remember anyone that says hurtful things probably works for them and gets paid to say those things. Judy

  8. colinberry2 says:

    Love you son, forever, may you rest in peace. Simon Berry

    The damage this firm have cost our family is just unbelievable, may they all involve rot in hell.

    • Frankenstein Costco Foot says:

      Hi Colin! I’m sharing your story along with mine over and over again! Everyone needs to know what is going on. I’m glad you have a voice like I do! Keep using it. It is the only way to change what is going on. I’m praying for your family. These people have to look in the mirror everyday and see what they have become. Zois Johnston is manager of insurance for COSTCO He told me he hates the customers! We wear shirts with pictures of my surgeries of my foot. Maybe you should do something like that. Freedom of speech! Talk soon. Hang in there!

  9. colinberry2 says:

    Love you son, forever, may you rest in peace. Simon Berry
    The damage this firm have cost our family is just unbelievable, may they all involve rot in hell.

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